One day a young girl was looking for a board game to play when she stumbled upon dirty magazines her catholic grandpa had hidden. The forbidden image of a lady in the nude seemed to stick fairly well with her. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, Blair Conner is a fine art and portrait photographer. Her main focus is vintage erotica inspired self portraits. Intrigued by old nudie magazines and America's spacious land, she submerges herself as characters from a different time. Feeling at home in a wig and a cigarette and sometimes not much else she creates her work. 

Shooting digital and film Blair documents her life whether it is performative or natural. The series "Make Yourself Your Own Sex Symbol" is a message of self love. Making her own magazine tears and centerfolds, Blair then goes on to rephotograph the image as a damaged magazine tear in ode to the magazines hidden under the bed.      

Blair Conner recently moved from New York City and now resides in Austin, TX.

Galleries / Exhibitions 

FIT Senior Thesis Installation

NYC, 2017

The 24th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction 

Hamptons, NY 2017

Gallery MC: Re:Artiste Transformation

NYC, 2017


Brooklyn, NY 2017

Incubator Studio: March of Time

Brooklyn, NY 2020

Praxis Gallery: Female Sight 

Minneapolis, MN 2022

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